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CBX Total Sourcing Management enables a fast, friction free global supply chain. Whether you are a retailer’s private label team, a brand manufacturer or an importer, CBX helps you eliminate loads of manual, mundane and/or repetitive tasks and speeds up everything in local and global operations.

One single platform for cross category management

CBX supports multiple categories of products on a single platform. Many retailers, brands and manufacturers source a variety of products across categories. CBX Total Sourcing Management has the flexibility and agility to support soft goods, hard goods, consumer products and packaged foods.

Critical Path Management

Make sure everyone shares the same, complete visibility across the extended supply chain around the globe, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Scalable Business Solution

CBX scales to the size and complexity of your business. Choose only the modules your business needs today or adopt the full platform. No matter what modules are chosen you still benefit from the power of the Total Sourcing Management platform foundation.

Vendor Management

Manage all parties supporting your supply chain, from vendors to factories to raw material providers; manage social compliance and technical audits.

Product Lifecycle Management

Complete library of your products through different stages, from initial concepts and planning to adoption utilizing product catalogues and showroom.

Social Collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate real-time through online discussions and follow the activities that are relevant to you; work with vendors updating activities and information on a single global platform.

Dashboard & Reporting

Manage your business analytics with real-time visibility into KPIs, exception reporting through the CBX Total Sourcing Management platform.

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