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CBX Sourcing – work smarter, fulfill faster

real-time and responsive – inject intelligence into your sourcing decisions

Choosing the right supplier on multiple criteria to achieve the right price, quality and delivery timeline can be challenging.  Working with multiple vendors globally to achieve the right mix of products with same target delivery windows is complex.

The CBX Sourcing Software platform strives to simplify the sourcing process, applying automation and social collaboration for accuracy and speed.  Set the standards and focus on scaling the operations to manage business growth and achieve time to market with the right product at the right price.  Minimize late shipments choosing the suppliers that can deliver.

work smarter – fulfill faster

  • Collaborate with retailers and vendors together online
  • Leverage the global community and capacity to find the right suppliers to meet your requirements
  • Model and predict costing with confidence
  • Reduce duplication of work and effort
  • Streamline and scale operations to handle more volume


  • Automated requests for quotes, information, samples
  • Online collaboration with vendors/suppliers for submittals
  • Open Costing enabling vendors to quote at detailed BOM level
  • Estimated Landed Costing calculations, including freight, insurance, duties, commissions, etc.
  • Cost comparisons and what-if scenarios to support decision making
  • Global Vendor Management
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