global reach. local performance.

It’s simple. No hardware, no software, no dedicated IT staff. CBX is the only Cloud platform for Total Sourcing Management in a simple integrated service.  Providing a network for all virtual users and offices around the world to connect and collaborate real-time delivering performance as if working locally.

secure. scalable.

CBX isn’t just another outsourced hosting service. CBX is architected from the ground up as a cloud application service accessed through the web.   The complete Total Sourcing Management platform is cost effective for small businesses yet infinitely scalable to support thousands of users around the world.

Quick Setup

A CBX account can be activated in hours. Your team can immediately make use of CBX utilizing preconfigured templates based on industry expertise and best practices.

Cost Effective

Once you factor in internal IT costs, such as database, servers, firewall, security, backup and helpdesk, the total cost of most enterprise software is cost prohibitive. The CBX service and subscription plan is complete and cost effective for small businesses and large organizations.

Scalable and Global

CBX running on a global world-class cloud environment is infinitely scalable.  Sourcing is a global business so we provide access on the CBX Cloud locally where your teams are to ensure optimal access and better performance around the world.   System access and speed is not a concern because CBX Cloud users in America work on the US cloud while a China vendor is working in the CBX Asia cloud.  Data is synchronized real-time.


Each CBX account can be configurable and tailored to meet each retailer or brand’s requirements.


Peace of mind. Your business never sleeps so we have built CBX to run on the world’s most redundant network.   Be assured that the CBX standard service includes all the built-in fault tolerant and disaster recovery that you should expect.


Omni Channel Sourcing


We will analyze your current process, show you immediate improvements and share industry best practices.
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