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CBX Pay – automate settlement,save time, gain accuracy

simple. fast. accurate

Paying invoices typically entails multiple documents and a manually intensive effort to match the numbers and dates required to pay the invoice.  Lots of time and human capital is involved to get the job done.

CBX automates the Supplier Invoice Reconciliation process with online multi-way matching allowing you to focus on the exceptions and what needs human intervention to get the settlement completed.  CBX automates the matching at the essential cost components across orders, invoices, inspections, quality checks, ASNs, and shipping documents providing an extensive matching algorithm.

save trees and automate

  • Let the system do the matching for you automatically
  • Focus on the exceptions and those items that require attention
  • Reconcile your invoices quickly for stronger vendor relationships


  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Multiple document matching algorithms
  • Automation of matching from order to pay
  • Online management and approvals
  • Seamless integration to back office accounting and ERP systems
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