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Making the decisions on product and collections and achieving the right cost is not an easy task. Deciding what to buy or make next to meet customer demands and protect your gross margin requires real-time data and information at your fingertips – combined with your industry expertise.

Let’s bring passion back to creativity. CBX Line Plan leverages the data you have and the insights you need to make those big decisions. And back them up and achieve what you are most passionate about – delivering the best products at the best prices for your customers.

tough decisions simplified

  • Gain efficiencies planning with sophisticated and intelligent search to find the right products quickly
  • Get a jump start on your work with libraries of products and data easily accessed from on-line archives to be re-used for future collections
  • Leverage the global community to find the best pricing available with CBX Plan
  • Communicate within your organization and outside your organization with agents, vendors and factories through on-line social collaboration in real-time


  • Line Sheets
  • Product Libraries – easy to find and organize products
  • Business Analytics & Dashboards for calculated decision making
  • CBX Plan provides visibility to work smarter and more effectively
  • CBX Plan provides real-time pricing and costs from vendors
  • Communicate with merchandising and product development using social collaboration
  • Factory Capacity Planning
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