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so many products. so little time.

Keeping track of the products and collections moving through the supply chain as they are being made takes a lot of juggling to keep to schedules and timelines.  Having everyone working together on a single platform is the key to working smarter and making the day simpler. You can’t do it all so let’s focus on the exceptions and issues along the production cycle and let the rest run on its own.

Knowledge is power and the key to making good decisions as well as being able to react when necessary to keep the schedule on track.  Manage Work in Process (WIP) starting with the committed order. CBX PLM tracks the production dates and key milestones, such as percent of work complete, in order to monitor and gauge if all is running smoothly and on time. Most importantly, CBX is the channel that enables communication with vendors online to ensure forecasted dates become reality and when issues arise, provides the time to fix them or implement alternatives to get the work done.

compress cycles. reduce risk.

  • Collaborate with trading partners, including vendors, factories, and service providers, to provide WIP updates in a common online tracker
  • Organize and automate information sharing processes so worldwide teams have transparency and the ability to focus on responsibilities and updates
  • Monitor and manage an individual product or coordinate a full collection
  • Manage scheduling with one factory in one country or multiple factories in multiple countries


  • Work in Process (WIP) tracking for updates and monitoring
  • Automated alerts when timelines and forecasts are at risk
  • Real-time updates on tasks performed by all members of the supply chain
  • Management and storage of associated documentation
  • Critical Path Management from order to delivery
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