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CBX Ship – reduce lead times, streamline logistics

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On-time deliveries are imperative to a retailer’s ability to get the on-trend products to the stores at the right time to meet consumer demands.  Late deliveries mean lost sales and markdowns.  The CBX Ship logistics management tool assists vendors to automate packing and labeling processes through packing list and ASN generation to streamline the process.

Coordination with a number of internal and external parties in the logistics workflow including suppliers, consolidators, and 3PL’s as well as processes around picking, packing, labeling and electronic data transactions is imperative. Online visibility provides everyone involved with the product’s location at all times and minimizes the calls you will receive daily from buyers, merchants and customers.

fulfill your orders faster

  • Streamline friction free processes from sourcing, order to delivery and payment all on one single platform
  • Automate creation of packing lists, advance ship notices, compliancy documents throughout the process with ease of access
  • Know where your products are at all times and get real-time tracking visibility to all those who “need to know”
  • Gain the insights into late shipments early and react with alternative planning


  • Forecast delivery times
  • Vendor Packing documentation
  • Advanced Shipping Notifications
  • Standardized carton labels with UCC-128 barcodes
  • Integrate with Freight Forwarders, Consolidators, 3PLs
  • Track and Trace products by location and status
  • Critical Path Management with milestones and updates
  • Analysis and historical reporting
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