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simple is also the new smart

So many spreadsheets, images, and files – so much time – we love them and hate them.  Multiple versions and collaboration do not mix but rather, make daily work tedious in an already complicated environment.  Top that with so much data, so many emails to share with others and no easy way to find what you need when you want it and your day is done.

spend your time where it matters most

  • Organize and simplify with one version, multiple iterations and one central place to organize all files  – all working off the same views
  • Gain efficiencies throughout the day with sophisticated and intelligent search to find the right product quickly in libraries of your previous work
  • Communicate within your organization and outside your organization with agents, vendors and factories through social collaboration
  • Simplify complex business processes with automation


  • Bill of material (BOM) and Costing
  • Libraries for materials, colors, products
  • Product Libraries – easy to find and organize products
  • Sample Management
  • Critical Path Management so you always know your key tasks and date milestones
  • Business Analytics & Dashboards
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